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Roseville Bags Registration

Joe Sensers Bags League

Sensers Roseville and Bloomington now have Bags Leagues!

Bags League will now be offered on Thursday Nights

Each session will include 7 regular season matches & 1 playoff night


Thursday Summer Session 7/11-8/29

Teams will rotate game times from week to week.

Teams of 2 people, $40 per team.

Winner gets $300 Cash!



Match Format

  • Each week all Teams will be scheduled two different opponents for their Matches
  • Each Match will consist of up to 3 Games (Best of 3), the team with 2 wins will be the winner of the Match
  • Each Game will be played to 21 points (No “Skunks”)
  • The first Team to reach or exceed 21 points (After all bags are thrown) will be the winner of the Game
  • Each Match has a Time Limit of 35 Minutes
  • If a Match isn’t complete within the Time Limit
    • Play the remainder of the current Game to 21 points using Total Points scoring not cancellation scoring
    • If another game is needed to complete the Match, play a game to 10 points using Total Points
  • Before each Match, flip a coin to determine the side of the box to throw from, and who throws first
  • The Team that loses the “coin toss” may select to rotate box sides for the second game
  • The Team that wins the “coin toss” may select to rotate box sides for the third game
  • Players on the same team have the option to switch ends of the court between Games

Game Scoring

  • Cancellation scoring will be used
    • Equal points cancel each other out
    • Only one Team scores per round
  • Bag goes in the hole = 3 points
  • Bag goes in the hole after being hit by another bag = 3 points
  • Bag stays on box = 1 point
  • Bag is almost in the hole (hanging a bit in) = 1 point
  • Bag hanging on the edge of a box but not touching the ground = 1 point
  • Bag is on the box but is touching the ground (bag to be removed before continuing the game) = 0 points